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PrimeCalculator is a Windows wrapper for the Yet Another Factorization Utility which is freely available at which uses the most powerful modern algorithms (and implementations of them) to factor input integers in a completely automated way. The automation within YAFU is state-of-the-art, combining factorization algorithms in an intelligent and adaptive methodology that minimizes the time to find the factors of arbitrary input integers. Most algorithm implementations are multi-threaded, allowing YAFU to fully utilize multi- or many-core processors (including SNFS, GNFS, SIQS, and ECM).

PrimeCalculator checks if a number or a math expression is prime or not for very big numbers (up to 1000 digits). If the number is prime, its prime type and its prime index (if possible) are displayed. If the number is composite, its prime factors and its composite index (if possible) are displayed.

PrimeCalculator can accept an mathematical expression and converts the result to nearest integer and then factorizes it.


This project is part of QuranCode project and the latest version will alway be at

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